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Volunteer Information

Wynfield Waves swimteam is a volunteer run organization.  We need your support and can not provide a great swim experience for your children if you do not volunteer.  All families are required to volunteer.

All families are required to meet a minimun amount of volunteering for the season. This is to ensure that the meets run smoothly as it takes a small army of people to make a meet possible. Families that do not meet the volunteer requirements will forfeit their childs opportunity to swim in any given meet. 

If your child is a regular meet swimmer- you are required to work 2 regular meets.
If your child is a speedy meet swimmer ONLY- you are required to work 2 speedy meets. 

**** If you have more than 1 swimmer****

If all swimmers are speedy meet only, then your shifts are for speedy meets only. If any of your swimmers swim regular meets, even if you have 1 speedy meet swimmer, all your shifts are regular meets. 

If your child swims at Champs you will be required to work one shift at Champs meet.

At any point that we are short volunteers we will ask for help. We may also have to shift positions.

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Parent Volunteer Positions Description

Starter/Announcer* – Upon receiving clearance from Head Timer, the starter will instruct the swimmers to “Take Your Mark”. The starter will also determine whom, if anyone is charged with a false start. The starter will work with the Clerk of Course to expedite the meet by combining heats as appropriate.

Clerk of Course – Will be provided with a list of all swimmers for each event showing the order in which they swim. All scratches will be reported here. You will need to arrange the swimmers in heats so that each heat is ready to go to the starting positions then lead each heat to the starting positions.

Stroke & Turn Judge* – Will ensure that all swimmers are swimming according to the rules in US Swimming. Stroke judges will have the power to disqualify swimmers who do not comply with those rules. One should have previously been a stroke judge or a swimmer and should attend a clinic to qualify for this position. 

Timers – Will begin timing when the buzzer goes off and stop the watch when the swimmer touches the wall with any part of the body. The timer does not determine the legality of the start or finish, only the start and stop time.

Runner –Will take the cards/sheets from the timers and DQ slips from stroke and turn and take them to the scorer’s table.You will need to make sure all times are circle and that the sheets are in order. 

Head Timer – Will be equipped with a whistle to signal the starter that the timers are ready. The head timer will also start a watch on every race in case a timer fails to start their water or has a watch failure. The head timer’s watch will then be put in the place of the timer’s failed watch.

Child Gatherer – Assists the Clerk of Course. Will be provided with a list of all swimmers for all events in the order in which they swim. They will gather the swimmers, arrange them in the order they will swim and take them to the Clerk of Course.

Child/Heat Walker - Will work with Child Gatherer to gather swimmers and assists the Clerk of Course by bringing the swimmers to the block.

Relay Coordinator - Responsible for gathering the children and getting them to the block for relays only.Will work with Clerk of Course

Computers* – Works prior to the meet to setup the meet, during the meet to input times of swimmers, print ribbon labels and score the meet. 

Concession Server – Works prior to and during the meet to set-up, sell and clean-up concessions.

Ribbon Distributor – Presents heat ribbons to swimmers.

Ribbon Labeler - Works during the meet to label the award ribbons for the Waves team. All ribbons need to be labeled and returned to a coach or committee member by the end of the meet. *** This job does not start until event 32, and you will have to stay after meet is over. 

*Requires prior training before you can qualify for this position.

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