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2019 Registration

2019 is a NEW SUIT YEAR.  All swimmers- regular and speedy meet- are required to have a team suit. 

Registration fee does NOT include cost of suits- parents will be asked to pay Carolina Swim Shop directly for suit.

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Code of Conduct


League Mission Statement

The Wynfield Waves Swim Team (WWST) has been established to provide opportunities for school- age participants in an environment that emphasizes fun, good sportsmanship, safety, athletic endeavor and participation over winning. Its goal is to provide participants with the opportunity to enhance and strengthen basic swimming skills, learn correct form of four basic swimming strokes, socialize with other program participants, improve health and fitness, and develop a lifetime appreciation or swimming.

  • Parents are expected to volunteer for 3 swim meets for both regular and speedy meet swimmers.
  • Parents are required to sign out all non-speedy meet swimmers from meets that they will not be able to attend 1 week prior to the meet. If there will be an absence due to an emergency please email the coaches immediately.
  • Parents are encouraged to communicate with their child’s coach. The appropriate time is well before or after practice. Communicating with coaches during practice disrupts the workout for the entire group. 
  • I hereby pledge to provide positive support, care and encouragement for my participating child, coaches and officials at every meet and practice by following this Parent’s Code of Ethics and the League Mission Statement.
  • I will place emotional and physical well-being of all participating children ahead of any personal desire to win and remember that the sport is for youth, not for adults. To assist in thus desire, I will do my very best to make the swimming experience fun for all children.
  • I will insist that my child participate in a safe environment.
  • I will follow the proper chain of command and take my questions and concerns to the parent representative (not the starter/judge) during any officiated swim meet. (Speak to your WWST representative or to your coach)
  • I will treat other participants, coaches, fans and officials with respect regardless of race, sex, creed, or ability.
  • Parents are expected to keep non-swimming siblings from running around on the deck unsupervised during practice, as this is a distraction and a safety concern.
  • Parents are encouraged to join our board, volunteer for activities, to participate in our team fundraising, and to learn to be a USA Swimming Official.
  • Parents are encouraged to become knowledgeable, understanding, and supportive of all applicable stroke rules, league rules, regulations and policies posted on the website.


As a swimmer of WYNFIELD WAVES SWIM TEAM, I understand that I am expected to:

  • Respect teammates, competitors, parents, coaches and all staff.
  • Support and encourage teammates at practice and meets.
  • Be on time and ready on deck for practices and meets.
  • Focus on my own swimming and not on others.
  • Maintain a positive attitude:
    • Accept assigned practices/events without complaining.
    • Refrain from being disruptive or using inappropriate language.
    • Display good sportsmanship regardless of win or loss.
  • Inform coaches of any events which interfere with my attending practice/swim meet.
  • Keep coaches informed of any illnesses or injuries.
  • Know all events/relays that I will be swimming at meets.
  • Check in with one of the coaches prior to leaving a swim meet.
  • Remain in designated swimmer area during all meets and not with parents. 
Coaches Bonus

I understand that I will be asked to contribute to a small bonus at the end of the swim season for each coach.  A bonus is not guarenteed, however if each individual coach is deserving of a bonus, the team culture does support this benefit.

Drink Donations

I understand that I will be required to donate a case of water, gatorade, OR soda etc to the swim meet concessions stand each summer.

Swimmer Sign Out

I agree I will sign each of my swimmers out ONE WEEK in advance if they are not able to make it to a swim meet.


Wynfield Waves is a volunteer run team.  I agree I will volunteer the required amount of times each summer season.  I also understand that each family will be expected to embrace the volunteer culture.  We are in this together for the enjoyment of watching our children learn and enjoy the sport of swimming.

Non-Resident Fee

You are required to check this box if you do not live in the Wynfield neighborhood. 

Usage of Wynfield Pool

I understand that if I do not live in Wynfield, I am not able to use the pool after the designated swim team hours.  The use of the Wynfield pool is only allowed by Wynfield Residents and their guests.